10 best attractions at Krabi


Krabi lies in an area populated with mangrove forests and limestone karsts. This province is located near the Andaman’s coastline. Krabi is the perfect place to escape to if you are a nature lover. Alternatively, if you are looking to holiday at a destination which has a peaceful and excellent climate then Krabi is the place for you. Given that Krabi has plenty going for it, it has fast progressed into one of the most frequented places in Thailand. This makes Krabi tour packages extremely sought after.

It is the natural environment here at Krabi which is the biggest pull among tourists. The picturesque scenery comprising of green forests, clear waters, and fresh air all combine to make a sinful proposition that is simply too good to deny. So, keeping up with that theme here is a list of the 10 best attractions at Krabi:-

1. Ao Nang Beach:

The Ao Nang Beach is one of the liveliest shores in all of Krabi. It attracts all kinds of travellers – backpackers, couples, families with kids. It is a one-stop location for enjoying the beach, market, and nightlife. We say this because Ao Nang has some of the bars and clubs in Krabi. The restaurants here serve both Thai and International cuisine. We recommend you check out nearby islands like Koh Hong, Koh Poda, and Koh Gai. If you are concerned about accommodation options then you will rejoice in knowing stay options are available catering to all budgets, be it big or small.

2. Railay Beach:

Although a beach, this shoreline is also a rock climber’s paradise. Railay Beach is located between sparkling waters and dramatic craggy cliffs. Lush vegetation covers the gleaming limestone cliffs while monkeys frolic among the branches. This peninsula is frequented by a significant amount of tourists thanks to its reputation for being a rock-climbing haven. While rock climbing might be the main attraction here, one can also have a great time simply basking on the beautiful beaches or swimming in the clear waters. One can also engage in activities like short jungle hikes, boat trips, and even kayaking on their visit here. This rock-climbing paradise is definitely one of the best attractions at Krabi.

3. Maya Bay:

With its claim to fame for being the shoot location of DiCaprio’s movie – “ The Beach ”, Maya Beach has since become a major tourist destination. The curved bay is picturesque and enclosed by rocks covered in greenery and karsts where clear waters meet white supple sands. While it is hard to find a bit of isolation and quiet on this beach, tourists can still appreciate the natural splendour to be seen all around. This beach makes for the perfect day trip from locales like Koh Phi Phi Don, mainland Krabi, Koh Lanta, or even Phuket.

4. Susan Hoi:

Susan Koi is also known as the – “ Shell Cemetery and Fossil Shell Beach “. This unusual geological site gets it curious moniker owing to the shellfish fossils to be seen here. These fishes sit immortalised and clearly visible in the shale rock. This fascinating site is pegged to be about 25 million to 40 million years old. We recommend that you check out the nearby information centre along with the Chinese temple and mangroves nearby. This curious travel hotspot makes for the best attraction in Krabi.

5. Lanta Animal Welfare:

The Lanta Animal Welfare is a charitable organisation with the goal of assisting local animals along with educating people about animal well-being. It is a major tourist attraction on Koh Lanta Island. One can learn more about the aims of the sanctuary in addition to meeting the rescued wildlife. One can walk dogs and play with cats on their visit here. The donations which are collected through the various donors go towards feeding, upkeep of the facility, medical expenses, and other positives. A trip here makes for a fantastic day out combining fun and a perfect opportunity for giving back to the local community.

6. Wat Kaew Korawaram:

Wat Kaew Korawaram is located on top of a hill in the heart of Krabi Town. It provides astounding views of the surrounding. Visitors will be left amazed by the two ferocious Naga statues which flank the staircase on a visit here. Upon climbing to the large terrace, one can notice that the temple differs from other typical temples seen in Thailand. There are many interesting religious statues here and the temple walls feature eye-catching artworks. Like many temples in Thailand, you can shop for food and souvenirs outside. With beautiful sights all around, this makes for one of the best attractions at Krabi.

7.  Thung Teao Forest Natural Park:

The Thung Teao Forest National Park is one of the most beautiful natural attractions in Krabi. This natural park comprises of an otherworldly landscape that is dominantly filled with attractive flora and fauna. Prime among the highlights here is the Emerald Pool. The shimmering azure waters here beckon for a refreshing swim. With gnarled tree roots and swaying tendrils, one is sure to be left in awe of the surreal beauty to be seen here. One can also enjoy striking waterfalls, thermal springs, and walking trails in the tropical rainforest here.

8.  Phra Nang Shrine

The Phra Nang Shrine is also known as the Princess Cave. This small cave is located at the end of Phra Nang Beach. The cave is filled with phallic offerings and is accessible from the sands of the shoreline. The phalluses are said to represent the Hindu deity, Shiva. The shrine is frequented by local fishermen who throng here to pray for safety during their sea voyages. There are several legends associated with the shrine. The most popular one is about a woman, Some claim that she was an Indian princess who drowned while others claim that she was the wife of a fisherman who perished at the sea.

9. Wat Tham Sua (Tiger Cave Temple):

This temple is associated with the local lore of a tiger. According to this lore, the cave was once inhabited by a fearsome tiger. This legend is given support by the fact that one can paw-like imprints on the surface here. In the modern-day age, these cave systems are filled with religious statues and shrines. It is a common sight to see saffron-clad monks busy in prayers here. A 1200 step climb will take you to the top where you will be greeted by a set of revered Buddha footprints. Although a strenuous effort, the sense of spirituality and the grand views on offer make this an effort worth taking.

10. Khao Kanab Nam:

Khao Kanab consists of two limestone mountains. These are not only major local landmarks but also the main symbols of the province. These structures are split into two by a river and consist of several caves. One can venture into these caves to gaze at the fascinating rock formations and then look up at the mighty mountains right from the ground level. These caves also come packed with a bit of intrigue as they were the site of discovery of some skeletons. Several speculations have been made about the origins of these bones. The most popular and accepted theory is that these date back to prehistoric times and hence there is no way of determining the cause of death. A climb up the mountains will reward you with incredible views from the summit in addition to rocky overhangs that make for a dramatic Instagram update. The dramatic views on offer here make it one of the best attractions at Krabi. 

We hope our list of the 10 best attractions at Krabi helps you plan your travels better. If you are looking for Krabi packages on the internet, then look no further than Pickyourtrail and book your trip already for a happy vacation.

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